FOR STARTUPS establishing product market fit & building or optimizing channels.

How can you help us?

If you're pre-Series A, I can help validate your product-market fit hypothesis and establish clear channels to efficient customer acquisition. If you're post series A, I can help increase your growth rate by optimizing existing the systems that are obviously working (and potentially help you add some new ones).

What I think I need and how you can help...

The best model for early stage startups is to work with a high-value advisor (like me) to discuss strategy and management in weekly meetings, and then hire or contract marketing, sales, and product "channel managers" to do the actual work. The other method is to hire an experienced strategist or agency to do everything, which is too expensive for early stage startups and often fails. Agencies only know and pitch specific channels for a premium, and most strategists haven't gotten their hands dirty for far too long.

How do you typically work?

Although I am flexible and open to other arrangements, I typically work for a standard advisor agreement where we do a weekly call to discuss your growth initiatives. Anyone leading growth, marketing, sales and product should join.

What's a typical engagement for, a seed funded B2B SaaS company?

We define the hypothesized and proven customer personas, partner personas, and map your environment. We define the channels of communication that exist between us and those communities. We audit the business KPIs and set benchmarked goals. We define the customer journey, identify weak points in your funnel, and prioritize all our growth ideas into a hit-list, pulling the appropriate levers between channels. We execute quickly and validate our assumptions.


From Pre-Product-Market Fit to Publicly Traded.

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