establishing product market fit or building and optimizing channels.

What do you do?

For companies that are pre-product market fit, I help validate their product-market fit hypothesis and establish clear channels to efficient revenue acquisition. Same goes for companies that think they have product-market fit but don't. For companies that have a lot of customers and revenue, I help them increase the velocity of their growth by optimizing existing channels and adding new ones.

Do you just "consult" or do you get things done too?

For early stage companies, I usually give strategic guidance and make sure it gets done. That usually means that I perform the work myself. This helps keep me close to existing tools and systems and helps me provide better high-level strategic guidance. For later stage companies, I can do both, but I typically help direct existing employee resources.

How do you typically work?

I am always flexible. Typically, I work like an interim VP of Sales, VP of Growth, or CMO. That usually means I take a monthly retainer (as you would pay an employee) that's significantly less than what you would have to hire an equivalent on-premise employee for. I also work on a commission basis or for advisor level shares. These variable models drop my monthly retainer.

What's a typical engagement for, let's say, a seed funded B2B SaaS company?

We define the hypothesized and proven customer personas, partner personas, and general competitive environment. We define the channels of communication that exist between us and those communities. We audit the business KPIs and set benchmarked goals. We define the customer journey, identify weak points, and compile all our growth ideas in a prioritized list. We perform our ideas which either work and get optimized and automated, or don't work and provide us with valuable information about our TAM.


From Pre-Product-Market Fit to Publicly Traded.

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