establishing product market fit or building and optimizing channels.

How can you help me?

If you're pre-Series A, I can help validate your product-market fit hypothesis and establish clear channels to efficient customer acquisition. If you're post series A, I can help increase your growth rate by optimizing existing the systems that are obviously working (and potentially adding some new ones).

I just need advice (vs.) I need someone to just own this

I can give strategic guidance or make sure it gets done. For advisor agreements, I stick to just consulting.

How do you typically work?

I am flexible. I can work like an interim head of growth, a consultant, or an advisor. Compensation ranges from monthly retainers to standard advisor equity agreements.

What's a typical engagement for, a seed funded B2B SaaS company?

We define the hypothesized and proven customer personas, partner personas, and map your environment. We define the channels of communication that exist between us and those communities. We audit the business KPIs and set benchmarked goals. We define the customer journey, identify weak points, and prioritize all our growth ideas into a hit-list. We execute quickly and validate our assumptions.


From Pre-Product-Market Fit to Publicly Traded.

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